Dual Compound Rubber

A Rising Star in Safety Footwear

After the BBF Safety Group recently announced the launch of a range of dual compound rubber-soled (DCR) safety boots, there has been renewed interest around the product throughout the industry.

Rubber outsoles perform exceptionally well in areas of extreme heat (up to 300 degrees Celsius), highly abrasive foot conditions, as well as continued exposure to moisture, chemicals and oils.

Rubber’s higher abrasion- and cut-resistant rubber and extreme heat resilience means that they have a direct advantage over regular Polyurethane safety footwear in a number of industries. These sectors include: surface mining, forestry, smelting, and oil and gas.
Its higher heat resistance ensures that it is less susceptible to hydrolysis (the chemical breakdown of a compound due to a reaction with water), and therefore has a longer lifespan.

Kaliber’s own safety footwear range includes a heavy-duty rubber outsole boot – the Volcano. It features a steel midsole to prevent sharp item penetration, as well as a shock absorbent polyurethane/rubber sole unit surrounded by a rubber outsole (heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius). The Volcano is also water and oil resistant, and is both anti-slip and anti-static.

To see our full range of comprehensive safety footwear, view our catalogue here.

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