The Best Security Footwear Supplier in South Africa

South Africa’s large security industry means there’s always a demand for reliable security footwear. But not all security boots are equal. 

Whether you need footwear for guarding, protection services or any other situation in which rugged, reliable footwear is indicated, it’s essential to choose a supplier that offers security footwear made from quality materials purpose-designed for demanding environments. 

Kaliber security footwear is especially designed to meet the demands of the South African workplace. Manufactured with genuine leather, these are boots and shoes that are designed for comfort and strength. 

Security footwear for every application

There’s no such thing as a ‘best’ security boot. There is only the most suitable boot for each application. For example, do you need a heavy duty steel cap security boot or a lightweight shoe for more general use?

However, there are quality constants. The best security boots will meet all the necessary safety standards, and they will be made with rugged materials.

They also need to be comfortable. Security footwear is generally worn for hours at a time. They need to be flexible enough to offer comfort when standing or walking for long periods of time, while also offering the required levels of protection. 

Quality materials for more comfortable security footwear

Kaliber appreciates that workplace footwear is about more than safety. You need to be agile and comfortable in your shoes, without compromising on toughness and protection. 

As with all Kaliber safety shoes, Kaliber’s range of security shoes are made from high quality natural materials. For example, genuine leather uppers are more breathable and provide a more natural and comfortable fit.

Just as importantly, these fine materials are extremely durable. That means a security boot that’s built to last. 

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