Where to buy bulk safety boots in South Africa

Whether you’re responsible for PPE on a mine, at a factory or in a construction environment, your first consideration is likely to be securing an adequate supply of safety boots.

The South African market offers various brands from numerous suppliers but bulk orders depend crucially on balancing two considerations: quality and cost.

Assessing quality in safety boots

Any large safety boot order should prioritise quality, but what does that mean in a PPE context?

The first quality essential is fairly obvious: quality safety boots will offer sufficient protection under real world working conditions.  

That means steel toe boots that offer sufficient protection, it means quality protective materials and it means the safety boots must meet all relevant independent standards. 

The second quality criterion is less obvious: if you’re buying safety boots in bulk, it makes sense to buy boots made of quality, durable materials. This will ensure the boots wear out less quickly, which ultimately means purchasing fewer replacements.

Lowering the cost of large safety boot orders

Let’s consider the point above. Durable, quality safety boots last longer without wearing out. That means that the initial cost of a work boot made from, say, genuine leather might be a little more than an inferior safety shoe, but over time, the more durable boot will prove more cost effective. 

A second way to save money on bulk safety boot orders is to choose the protection level actually required. For example, browsing Kaliber’s safety boot range quickly reveals different styles and materials for different applications. 

Boots designed for heavy industry will be necessary in certain applications (certain factories or industrial yards) but in other applications, a lower level of protection may be indicated.

To be assured of the optimal safety boot for each specific application, it’s a good idea to chat to an experienced consultant who understands the South African workplace.  

Kaliber is a leading manufacturer of safety boots especially designed to meet the demands of South African industry. Contact Kaliber to find out how to find the perfect safety boots, every time.

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