Agricultural Footwear

Agricultural Footwear Is A Necessary Shield In Any Field

RIPSAW Agricultural Footwear

With close to 850 000 South Africans currently working in farming, work boots aren’t just a nice to have – Agricultural Footwear is a necessary shield in any field.

Farm workers face different terrain daily, from operating tractors to trekking through fields, to orchards and vineyards; the only certain thing is that they need a robust pair of farming boots suited to the physical demands of unpredictable environments.

Put Your Feet First

Farming requires regular movement to be successful. On any farm, workers are often required to walk, bend, climb, cut and deal with large objects. Along with working in the fields, you’re also faced with unplanned weather conditions. It’s an on-the-feet industry, which means you need the best protective footwear to keep your farming workforce on their feet.

Our brand-new Ripsaw agricultural footwear has been designed specifically for the farming sector.

Secure Comfort

Along with all the necessities that feet must be protected from on the farm, comfort is also critical. The physical demands of farming mean that workers are often on the job 24/7, and investing in footwear that can handle the load is a must. If boots don’t offer a comfortable fit, the long work hours can become unbearable, and the risk of injury is substantially higher.

Whether workers are climbing, walking or standing for long periods, the Ripsaw boot provides extra comfort that may minimise leg pain and reduces the risks of back pain and injuries.

Running a successful working farm relies on the right equipment – and that doesn’t only apply to machinery. Our boots are the perfect fit for any farm-based activity. The Ripsaw is both budget-friendly and built for the long term when doing work that matters.

Our Ripsaw Footwear offers:

  • Full grain leather
  • Dual-density Polyurethane sole unit
  • Comfort inner sole

For All Types Of Ground

Farming shoes for farmers have to endure a lot. Mud, water, bumps, bruises, terrain, and various foot hazards are part and parcel of the daily experience. Choose the best in agricultural footwear to keep your guys safely and confidently on the job with Kaliber.

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