Safety Footwear

Best Safety Boots Supplier in South Africa

South Africa has strict laws about workplace safety, as specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other legislation. Adequate PPE means that effective safety boots are non-negotiable. Constructions sites, factories, industrial yards and other hazardous work spaces must include high quality safety boots for all who require them.

Safety boots must conform to the standards set out by the South African Bureau of Standards and other relevant industry bodies. Adhering to these standards is about more than legal compliance; they ensure that the safety boots in question actually offer the required degree of protection. After all, the most important quality of a safety boot is safety.

It follows, then, that the most important consideration when looking for a reliable safety boot supplier is whether their safety shoes meet all the relevant industry standards. This will ensure that any safety boots you purchase will meet the legal requirements of workplace PPE and, more importantly, adequately protect the wearers.

The best safety shoe supplier offers more than safety

With all that in mind, the best safety boots do more than meet the minimum safety requirements.

For example, Take a look at Kaliber’s safety boot range. You’ll notice Kaliber boots come in a range of styles and fits. The boots are also made from high quality natural materials, for comfort and durability.

The use of quality materials actually makes safety boots more cost-effective in the long term. They won’t wear out as quickly, especially under demanding workplace conditions, and therefore won’t need to be replaced as quickly.

The best suppliers offer the best service

If the best safety boot suppliers offer a wide range of boots and safety shoes, it’s also important that they offer good sales support, so you can be sure you choose the right boot for the job.

Do you need a safety boot with a steel midsole? Static protection? Which materials are most appropriate?

As South Africa’s specialist suppliers of safety boots, Kaliber will help you choose the perfect boots for your specific needs. Contact Kaliber today to find how to get superior safety boots that are built to last.