Safety Footwear

Bova vs Kaliber – a comparison

In Bova vs Kaliber we compare the two of the leading manufacturers of safety footwear.

Both brands offer workplace safety and comfort. Both Kaliber and Bova manufacture safety shoes according to leading industry standards. 

Importantly, Kaliber and Bova offer a wide range of safety boots in various styles, to suit different applications.

Bova vs Kaliber product line

To understand why these companies can be considered premium manufacturers of safety boots, we should consider what their product line offers. Features of Bova and Kaliber boots include:   

  • A steel cap toe with 200 joule protection 
  • Steel midsole in relevant models
  • Durable natural uppers 
  • Breathable materials
  • A range of fits and sizes
  • Full compliance with independent safety standards

Why do safety shoe brands matter?

Safety boots are no place for guesswork or compromise. 

A reputable brand like Kaliber or Bova is about more than status; it’s about the confidence that the safety boots will do their essential job of protecting the people wearing them.

If you’re looking to stock reliable and durable safety footwear made to the very highest standards of comfort and protection, it’s strongly recommended that you deal with a manufacturer with a proven track record.

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