Safety Footwear

Choosing steel midsole PPE boots in South Africa

A steel midsole does not come standard on all protective footwear. For that reason, for applications in which a steel midsole is required, it’s essential to check the specs of relevant safety boots to ensure they offer complete protection.

What are steel midsoles?

A steel midsole provides a safety boot with puncture resistance. That means the boot offers protection from above (from the steel toe cap) and from below.

The steel midsole comprises a thin sheet of steel that is inserted into the sole of the boot. 

It’s very important to choose a protective midsole made of high-quality stainless steel or suitable composite material, in order to ensure safety and flexibility.

When are steel midsole PPE boots required?

The function of the steel midsole is quite simple: to protect the wearer from ‘sharps’, such as nails or glass, that could potentially penetrate an unreinforced sole. 

Obviously, a quality steel midsole enables the safety boot to protect from direct injuries, such as cuts and abrasions. But no less importantly, their role is to also protect the wearer from infections or other health issues that could accompany such an injury. 

For example, a light puncture wound from a nail may be unpleasant but may not seem medically significant. However, especially in an industrial or agricultural setting, the sharp object could be carrying any number of infectious agents, which could cause serious health problems.

The right steel midsole boot for the job

Choosing safety boots, as with all PPE gear, is about considering all safety elements relevant to the requirements of the task and workplace environment.

Do the boots offer adequate toe projection? Are they made from durable, comfortable materials, and are they suitable for hours of wear in demanding environments? Is the manufacturer reliable?

Most importantly, the safety shoes should comply with the relevant South African industry safety standards.

After all, when it comes to workplace safety wear and equipment, there can be no compromise on quality and reliability.  

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