Safety Footwear

Comfortable Safety Boots For Men and Women

Kaliber Safety Footwear is one of South Africa’s leading distributors of comfortable safety boots for men and women.

We manufacture and supply safety footwear that covers various industry-specific needs. Our safety boots provide extra comfort and protection from slips, trips and falls.

Kaliber safety footwear is made to the highest quality standards, specifically designed to offer excellent comfort and quality at an affordable price for everyone.

When it comes to safety footwear, we know that comfort is key!

Comfort Inner Sole Provides Extra Comfort

We understand that style and comfort in safety boots are essential when working in busy and fast-moving environments. As such, we make Kaliber Safety Footwear to the highest quality standards. We design our footwear to offer excellent comfort and quality at an affordable price.

When it comes to comfort, you’re looking for safety footwear with an added comfort inner sole to provide maximum comfort to the person working hard on their feet all day. The following styles in Kaliber’s safety footwear range already come with an added comfort-inner sole:

** If you’re looking for something different in safety footwear, look at our safety sneaker, the Velocity.

** We also have security footwear in our product range that features an added comfort inner sole.

Comfort Inner Sole provides extra comfort, making those long days on your feet a little more bearable. Protect your feet and be comfortable at work with Kaliber!

Safety Boots For All

Both women and men play a vital role in the industrial, engineering, and construction industries. They require the same protection and flexibility from their on-site gear as their colleagues.

Kaliber’s safety footwear’s wide product range is unisex, fit for both men and women, and comes in sizes from 2 to 16. Men often order their existing UK size, whereas women tend to order a UK size down.

Look at the Celeste in our product range for a safety shoe designed for ladies. This safety shoe is for women on their feet all day long in need of protection and working in the cleaning, warehousing, or security industry.

View the Celeste safety shoe’s product features here

Comfortable Steel Toe Cap Boots

Protect your feet from falling chemicals, objects, or being crushed by compression. Steel toe caps prevent us from being hurt by falling objects.

Steel-toe boots are a necessary companion for many. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all regarding safety boots. Take the time to find the proper safety boots, a pair of steel-toe safety boots can also be just as comfortable as any other work boot.

Here are some facts that might interest you:

  • Workers must wear steel-toe boots to meet the South African workplace’s safety requirements.
  • Steel-toe boots refers to safety footwear that offer added protection on the toe cap.
  • All safety steel toe boots undergo a strict testing process to meet specific industry standards.
  • A steel toe cap offering 200 Joules of resistance means that you have protection for us to 20kg weight dropped from about 1 metre above the toe.

If you’re reluctant about buying a pair of steel-toe boots, don’t be. Their protective benefits far outweigh any comfort concerns; however, Kaliber’s wide range of safety boots are generous in size. Safety shoes must meet the demands of challenging working environments, and a little breathing space for your feet will be welcome, especially with steel toe caps.

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Good Quality Safety Boots for Every Industry

When it comes to the safety of your employees and ensuring they have the appropriate footwear to get their jobs done, Kaliber Safety Footwear is the trusted brand for you. We’ve been supplying companies with safety and security footwear for over eight years through our reseller network.

Considering that employees are likely to wear safety footwear for long periods, it is vital for both the productivity and safety that you choose from a range that provides protection and comfort. It would be best if you also procured through a trusted safety shoe supplier.

Our wide selection means we can cater to just about any work situation, whether you’re in construction, security, transport or mining. Kaliber’s safety and security footwear meet the South African workplace’s rigorous safety requirements and terrain.

Choose Kaliber All The Way

When it comes to your comfort, you’re looking for a safety boot with an added comfort inner sole. The inner sole provides extra cushioning while offering you on-the-job protection.

Kaliber Safety Footwear is a leading distributor in South Africa, supplying 18 styles of safety boots and shoes for both men and women who need protection at work.

We focus on quality, affordability and stock availability. Our wide range of safety footwear comes with a wide range of features. Contact us and speak to one of our expert sales professionals to advise you on the best option for your industry needs.