Safety Footwear

Finding the best safety footwear prices in South Africa

Safety footwear is a necessity, not a luxury. 

Is finding the best safety footwear prices in South Africa a priority for you? If you need it, you just have to pay the asking price, right? After all, so what if your safety shoes costs you an arm and a leg as long as they save your feet?


This is true up to a point. On construction sites, factory floors, industrial yards and other environments in which protective footwear is required (by South African law and by common sense) decent safety footwear is non-negotiable, even if it adds additional costs to the operation.  

But that doesn’t mean you can’t shop around and find a better deal. Safety footwear comes in a range of materials and styles, from various suppliers and manufacturers across South Africa, and informed comparisons can help you get the safety shoes you need for a potentially much better price.

However, given the functional requirements of PPE footwear, it’s essential that you ensure that safety shoes actually do the job you require of them, whatever the price.

Cheap safety shoes that don’t actually keep you safe are worse than useless. For that reason, it’s essential to choose safety footwear that complies with the relevant independent safety standards and is produced by a reliable manufacturer.

Sometimes less is more

With that very important caveat in mind, there are a couple of considerations that can help you find safety footwear that offers much more value at a better price.   

1. Carefully consider what the safety shoes are going to be used for.

Footwear that offers additional safety protections – such as puncture resistance – may only be worth the extra cost if such protection is required. If it is not required, you may be able to choose lower-priced footwear that meets all the needs of the job. Similarly, protection against cement spills is superfluous in a scrapyard.  

Choosing the protection level that is most suitable for the work environment and specific tasks means you can get more value without compromising on safety. 

2. The price of safety footwear also needs to be considered in terms of longevity.  

Safety shoes made with high-quality materials such as genuine leather uppers and sturdy rubber soles aren’t just more comfortable and safer, they’re also often much more durable. While the prices may be higher, these shoes are strong, tough, and durable. 

By contrast, cheaper safety shoes that need to be replaced more frequently may end up costing more over time than quality safety footwear built to last.

To sum up:

Do compare safety footwear prices. The South African market is big enough that you can find great deals.

Do choose the appropriate level of protection for the task. You don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.

Don’t compromise on safety

Don’t waste money on cheap protective footwear that will have to be frequently replaced. 

Find excellent quality protective footwear at a more competitive price. Explore our protective footwear range or send us a message and we’ll provide you with all the information you need to choose the right protective boots for your specific needs.