Safety Footwear

Genuine Leather Safety Footwear

Why It’s The Best Choice for Your PPE

Genuine leather safety footwear means that when it comes to personal protective equipment – there is no compromise. A compromise in quality could mean a compromise in the safety of you and your workforce. 

This is why safety footwear (including many styles in Kaliber’s own range) is made with high-quality materials, such as genuine leather. There are many advantages to using genuine leather in the construction of tough- hard-wearing safety boots.



Because of the superior quality of their materials, genuine leather safety footwear can far outlive other shoes made of lesser synthetic materials. Leather stays strong against demanding work environments and is more resistant to rips and tears. It is also easy to repair in the event of minor damage.

If treated or waxed, leather is also resistant to water and other liquids.



Leather is a breathable material. Air is able to freely pass through it – cooling your feet and reducing both sweat and malodour. This makes them more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Synthetic materials can ‘trap’ feet, causing discomfort if worn for extended periods.



One of the added benefits of leather is that, over time, it moulds to the individual shape of the wearer’s foot. This provides extra comfort and support. The breathability of the material also contributes to a shoe that is able to be worn day in and day out and only gets more comfortable with age.

Easy To Clean

Because of the durability of the material, leather is very easy to clean. All it really needs is a good wipe-down with a damp cloth or, in the case of more stubborn dirt, the assistance of a quality leather cleaner. 

Leather dries easily as well because of its breathability – moisture does not stay trapped in the upper. 



Overall, leather footwear is tough, durable, and easy to maintain. It may be slightly more expensive than shoes made of synthetic material, but will ultimately last longer and save you money. The production of leather shoes also does not contain any harmful chemicals or manufacturing processes, making them friendlier to the environment. 

Kaliber’s own range includes safety footwear made with genuine full-grain and Buffalo leather uppers. We pride ourselves on quality and high standards of protection, throughout our entire product offering.

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