Safety Footwear

The Best Safety Footwear Brand for Protection and Comfort

Safety is the most crucial factor when choosing a brand, and Kaliber is the best safety footwear brand for protection and comfort. 

In practice, some brands produce safety footwear made from cheaper, less reliable materials, which can cause discomfort. As a result, consumers may choose less rugged footwear that fails to meet necessary safety standards.  

Fortunately, safety and comfort don’t have to be a tradeoff. In fact, the best safety footwear brands are safer and more comfortable precisely because they use suitable, high-quality materials.

For example, the most reliable brands produce protective footwear with genuine leather uppers. Not only are these sturdier and more durable, they’re more breathable and comfortable.

Similarly, good quality, non-slip soles provide more comfort in the factory or on the shop floor, and are also essential to help prevent accidents. 

Look for independent safety standards

But how do you actually know which footwear brands offer adequate safety in real-world conditions?

Sure, using durable, high-quality materials is a good indicator of quality. But given the risk of serious injury, if protective footwear fails to do its job, consumers need to rely on more than informed guesswork. That’s why independent safety standards are so important. 

Leading protective footwear brands will clearly state whether their safety shoes conform to the appropriate standards. For example, to meet the international safety standard ISO 20345, safety footwear must provide front-toe protection up to 200 joules, amongst other criteria. 

That may sound technical, but it simply means that the shoe in question has been made – and tested – according to an independent standard that guarantees adequate protection for the front of the foot.  

The standard also specifies a number of safety classes so you can choose the right level of protection for your industry. For example, you may require safety footwear that repels water or is puncture-resistant.  

Choosing the right safety footwear brand for the job

This variability of styles and protective levels raises another issue. There isn’t always one single perfect protective footwear option because not all safety footwear is equally suited to every application.

The most reliable safety footwear brands, therefore, are those that offer a well-curated range of products, so you can find high-quality protective shoes or boots that are best suited for the particular application. 

After all, safety equipment is not simply a fashion item. One size does not fit all. 

Choosing the right safety shoes for the specific application can make a huge difference in comfort, productivity and, most importantly, safety.

Of course, that makes your choice of footwear a little more complex. The choice is not merely a question of materials and standards but about matching the right mix of protective features and styles to the particular application.  

For that reason, consumers are strongly recommended to purchase protective footwear – as with any commercial-grade protective gear – from a trusted supplier. A trusted supplier will carefully consider the requirements of their industry and personnel and recommend the best and most appropriate safety footwear for that specific purpose.

Need a quality, comfortable, safety footwear brand that suits your exacting requirements? Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the perfect safety footwear for the job.