Safety Footwear

Women’s Safety Footwear: Where to Buy In South Africa

Is women’s safety footwear any different from men’s safety footwear?

Yes, in that women’s safety footwear should be designed to accommodate the range of different sizes suitable for women’s protective attire.  

No, in that women’s safety footwear should be manufactured to meet the same high standards of durability we’d expect from any other PPE footwear.

Despite the macho image of industrial, engineering, and construction industries in South Africa, women play a vital role in these fields and require the same protection and flexibility from their on-site gear as their male colleagues.

So then what should you look for in women’s safety footwear? And where can you buy protective women’s footwear in South Africa? Here’s a quick buyer’s guide. 

Safety footwear that protects in the real world

The first consideration when buying safety footwear should always be whether the footwear meets the safety requirements of the industry in which it will be used. 

The best way to ensure that your safety boots perform reliably is to choose a reputable brand with a proven track record that meets the industry-appropriate independent safety standards.

Protective footwear that hasn’t been tested on the job, in the real world of South African industry, isn’t worth taking a chance on.

Comfort, durability, strength

Comfort is always an important consideration when choosing protective footwear. Working in discomfort isn’t just unpleasant, it can prove a distracting safety hazard on site.

However, comfort is particularly important factor when buying women’s footwear, because manufacturers have not always considered women’s footwear requirements, and may have constructed safety footwear with only male wearers in mind. 

Fortunately, quality protective footwear brands understand that modern PPE equipment needs to be designed for a diverse range of wearers. 

When choosing protective footwear for women, it can be really helpful to speak to an experienced consultant and to ask about size and fit.

Quality materials are another indicator of comfort. Protective footwear made from high-quality natural materials is more likely to mould to feet and offer the flexibility that is so important on-site. Quality materials have the further benefit of producing rugged and durable protective footwear that is built to last. 

Where to buy women’s safety footwear

As should be clear, you should purchase women’s safety footwear from a trusted and reliable supplier, as you would safety footwear designed for men. 

Fortunately, good suppliers should provide a  range of styles and fits to suit women working in even the most demanding industries, where heavy-duty protection is needed. 

Whether purchasing online or in-store, be sure to choose protective boots that meet all the relevant safety standards and have been designed to protect workers from slips, sprains, falls and other mishaps.

Don’t compromise on safety, comfort or fit. Give us a call or send us a message to find the right women’s safety footwear for the job.