Security Footwear

How to Become a Kaliber Shoes Reseller

If you are a specialist seller of safety shoes – or a general PPE retailer – you’ll know that Kaliber safety shoes are South Africa’s trusted name in quality PPE footwear.

As manufacturers of sturdy steel toe boots and protective shoes made from the finest natural materials, Kaliber makes safety shoes that people actually want to wear. Which makes them shoes retailers want to sell.

Let’s take a closer look at what sets Kaliber shoes apart, and list contact details so that you can become a Kaliber shoes reseller yourself.

Protective shoes to suit any customer

A quick glance at the Kaliber safety shoe range shows how diverse Kaliber’s selection is. From protective heavy-duty boots to steel cap sneakers, Kaliber offers a range of fits, styles and materials to suit different work environments.

As a safety shoe reseller, you can assure your customers that Kaliber boots are made from comfortable materials and meet the highest safety standards. 

You wouldn’t be comfortable selling safety boots that don’t meet industry standards – why should you sell shoes that are uncomfortable to wear?

That added wearability makes a difference over time. It’s just one more way of keeping your customers happy and safe.

Call today to Become a Kaliber Shoes Reseller

Kaliber is a service-orientated business, so it’s really simple for prospective resellers to contact the company.

Simply visit the contact us page on the Kaliber official website to send a query. A friendly member of the sales team will be in touch about becoming a Kaliber reseller.

If you’re interested in doing more research, Kaliber’s blog included plenty of useful information that may be of interest to you and of practical value to your sales team.   

A deeper understanding of the factors that make a good safety boot will help your salesforce guide customers to the most suitable safety shoe for their specific needs. Ensuring your customers choose the perfect Kaliber shoe is the best way to keep them satisfied and comfortable.

Why hesitate? Make 2020 the year you finally become a Kaliber safety shoe reseller. Kaliber’s friendly staff will make it easy for you to sell Kaliber in no time. Simply contact us today and start providing your PPE customers with the safety boots they really need.