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Your Best Choice of Security Boot: The Reaction

Security Boot Reaction

A safe, sturdy, reliable reaction security boot is essential when working as a security officer. South Africa’s expansive private security industry is the fourth largest in the world per capita. According to BusinessTech, there are five private security guards to every one police officer in the country. In a nation with one of the highest crime rates on the continent, more and more businesses and civilians are turning to private security to meet their protection needs. With such rapid growth occurring in an unquestionably essential industry, it has become imperative that security officers and other personnel are equipped with the most reliable security PPE on the market. 

Security is a fast-paced, high-intensity sector with many hazards and potential threats. When your job is to be alert and ready at all times, you need safe, durable, reliable security boots that you can count on in any situation. 

Choosing the correct security footwear is essential. The quality of the materials used, individual safety features, comfort, and durability are important factors to consider. Kaliber’s security footwear has been specially designed from a selection of durable, quality materials to withstand all of the high-stress demands of the private security sector. 


When it comes to deciding which security boot is the best fit for workers in any front-line industry, their safety is paramount. Kaliber has a varied line of security boots to suit a wide range of applications within the security sector – one of which is the Reaction boot. 

The Reaction security boot features a sturdy steel toe cap, capable of withstanding up to 200 joules of drop-force. Its anti-penetration steel midsole offers both added support and protection against sharp items. These features come standard, setting the Reaction apart from other similar products on the market. We make sure that every boot is optimised for the highest standards of safety prior to leaving the warehouse. 

An oil-resistant, anti-slip outsole made from shock-absorbent dual-density polyurethane enhances the Reaction’s outstanding safety performance. This boot is truly capable of handling any situation.


Security is an industry that is constantly on the move. Whether it be on patrol or during the protection of goods and valuable items in transit, security footwear can be worn for hours at a time. Security boots need to be flexible enough to remain comfortable when standing or walking for extended periods. They also need to be strong and stable enough to protect against any ground-level hazards such as glass, metal, and other sharp objects. These long work days mean that comfort is essential when it comes to choosing the right footwear for the job. 

The Reaction has a smooth genuine leather upper. Leather is a breathable material that allows air to pass freely through it. This aids in cooling your feet and reducing sweat and odour. Over time, leather also moulds itself to the shape of the wearer’s foot, which can provide extra comfort and support. Because of its breathability, leather dries very easily and does not allow moisture to become trapped in the boot’s upper. 

The Reaction is comfortable, practical, and suitable for all-day wear. It features a padded collar, light-weight design and breathable mesh added to its upper. It’s a boot that works just as hard as you do. 


The durability of any particular safety or security footwear is an important factor to consider before committing to a purchase. The ideal security boot is one that is long-lasting, hard-wearing, and good value for money. Kaliber stocks a wide range of high-quality, value-for-money safety and security boots made from durable materials. 

Aside from its contribution to the comfort of the boot, the Reaction’s genuine leather upper means that this security boot will outlive other shoes especially those made of lesser synthetic materials. Leather stays strong and is able to survive even the toughest work environments and repeated daily use. It is highly resistant to rips and tears and it easy to repair in the event of some minor damage. 

Likewise, the Reaction’s dual density polyurethane sole unit is heavy-duty, shock-resistant, and sturdy. Its ability to withstand high temperatures makes it more durable, contributing to cost-effectiveness. The chemical reaction that takes place during the formation of polyurethanes creates thousands of tiny bubbles within the material. This makes dual density polyurethane soles lightweight without compromising their sturdiness. 

In an industry that is as high-intensity and high-risk as the private security sector, it is important to have security footwear that can be unquestionably depended on. Kaliber delivers on that reliability. The materials we use are high-quality, durable, breathable and comfortable enough to be worn for hours at a time. Our standard reinforced steel toe caps and anti-penetration midsoles to ensure the highest levels of safety and protection at all times. No matter the situation, we have you covered. 

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