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The Latest in Security Footwear

The Latest in Security Footwear

Make your choice 100% Tactical when it comes to the latest in security footwear.

The South African security industry is fast-paced, ever-changing and the type of environment where seconds can save lives and you simply can’t afford to be on the back foot. When things heat up, security workers must be able to move fast and rely on their safety equipment – especially their footwear.

The Kaliber range offers the latest in security footwear to suit all types of security workers and keep them doing work that matters.

A brand new addition

Choosing the right security footwear is incredibly important and considering the specs of each type of boot will ensure that you make an informed choice that will meet the demands of the sector. Our commitment to protecting security workers with quality safety boots that can be counted on in any situation is unwavering which is why we are continuously innovating and releasing new products.

The newest addition to our security footwear range is the Tactical, a durable and robust boot that can handle the hazards of high intensity work environments.

Some key features include:

  • A full-grain leather upper
  • Rubber outsole for durability
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • EVA comfort midsole

Technology and innovation is the future of safety footwear

If innovation is important in any sector, it is essential for security safety footwear. Our Kaliber range has always been a step ahead when it comes to technology that allows for maximum comfort and safety. Built specifically for varied sectors in security, the range offers a wide selection of security boots that are best in breed in comfort, protection and performance.

The most important consideration when choosing the right shoe for security experts is durability and comfort because working in the security industry goes hand in hand with long hours of standing – often in the same place – or hours of walking on patrol. Without the proper footwear, feet can become injured or incredibly fatigued which can be detrimental when the time comes for action. Long periods of time spent standing can also cause leg and torso fatigue that can cause permanent damage.

Being in charge of the safety of people carries a lot of responsibility. This is why our Kaliber safety footwear is made to the highest quality standards and uniquely designed to offer maximum comfort and protection.

Some other key features of our security footwear include:

Steel toe caps – One of the most important considerations when it comes to ultimate protection. Steel toe caps provide reinforcement in the toe that adds an almost impenetrable layer of protection for the foot. Our toe caps are carefully selected and protect against the impact of 200 joules – equivalent to a 20 kg load falling from a height of one metre, and against a crushing force equivalent to 1500 kg. The toecaps we use are certified to European standards and tested regularly. Our Reaction and Kronos boots are both reinforced with steel toe caps.

Shock absorbent soles – While the foot’s arch acts as a natural shock absorber, it is not built for the kind of standing and running that goes along with work in the security sector. Shock-absorbing soles absorb some of the impact of the foot hitting the ground and are crucial in preventing injuries. Crafted from shock-absorbent dual-density polyurethane, our soles provide maximum cushioning effect and are oil and heat resistant with excellent anti-slip and anti-static properties. Dual-density shock-absorbent soles are built in on our Guardian and Sentry security boots.

Anti-slip outsoles – Security workers face all types of terrain. Security safety boots must be able to provide a secure hold to minimise the risk of slipping, tripping or twisting – no matter what the situation may be. The majority of options in our security footwear range come standard with an anti-slip outsole to our protectors on their feet, all the time – at any time.

Tactically secure

In short, security footwear plays a fundamental role in protecting security sector workers. We don’t just manufacture safety shoes; we manufacture tried, trusted and tactically secure footwear that is sector specific to keep those protecting us safe and secure so they can focus on doing the work that really matters.

Choose the boot that best suits you – because there is work to be done. View the full range here.