Workplace Safety Tips

The Advantages of Rubber Soles

There are numerous advantages of rubber soles for day-to-day wear, but even more specifically in the workplace. Protective rubber-soled safety boots are essential in any hazardous work environment, such as construction sites, mines, metalworks, and factories. The combination of heavy machinery, chemicals and high temperatures could potentially spell disaster for the health and safety of your workforce – if they aren’t wearing the right safety shoes, that is. 


These hazards are unpredictable, and as such, you should always be ready for them. A good, high-quality pair of rubber shoes will ensure your protection in any hazardous environment.

There are many good reasons why your safety footwear is important, a few of them being:

1. They prevent any slips and falls. Rubber soles are slip-resistant, offering better grip on treacherous surfaces. They also have the advantage of being oil- and water-resistant. This allows you to work safely in wet, muddy, and slippery environments – without having to worry about bringing along a change of socks. 

2. They protect against falling objects. The steel toe caps present in quality safety footwear protect your feet from any accidents – whether it be falling machinery, debris, or the sledgehammer that slipped out of your grip. Kaliber’s steel toe caps can withstand forces of up to 200 Joules, making sure that you’re well-protected against any workplace accidents. Our work boots also have a steel midsole to avoid sharp item penetration. We’ve got you covered from both angles.

3. They protect against burns and exposure to high temperatures. Rubber provides a strong barrier against harmful chemicals, acids, and even cements – thereby eliminating the risk of burns. Some rubber work boots – including Kaliber’s Volcano range – are heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celcius and will not buckle, warp, or melt. This makes them ideal for industries such as ironworks and smelting. 

At Kaliber Footwear, we believe that an industry is only as good as its well-protected workforce. Our excellent quality safety boots go a step further in offering you affordable, hardy, and well-designed protection – in any hazardous environment. A combination of the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship delivers extended comfort to outlast the toughest conditions.

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