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Are you looking for Safety, Security or Agricultural Footwear?

Since 2014, Kaliber has cemented its reputation as a leading distributor of quality safety footwear in South Africa. With almost two decades in the industry, our safety footwear embodies a blend of safety, comfort, and style. We distribute safety footwear to resellers across South Africa, covering various industries and their safety footwear needs. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we import sought-after safety footwear, ensuring the end user always steps out in safety, comfort, and style.

Why Choose Kaliber?

Our expansive collection reflects the unique demands of various sectors. Through our trusted reseller network, Kaliber offers companies an unparalleled variety of styles and sizes, ensuring the right fit for every working environment.

But we go beyond simply importing work shoes; we manufacture tried and trusted footwear that keeps our protectors, builders, creators, constructors, growers, labourers, dreamers, schemers, never-give-uppers, and work-through-the-nighters doing.

We’re here for people that do the hard jobs, the big jobs, the dirty jobs, the scary jobs – work that matters!

Kaliber emerges as the undisputed choice for those prioritizing exceptional quality without compromising on affordability.

Find a Kaliber Reseller Near You

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We pride ourselves
on being more than just distributors!

At Kaliber, we go beyond the conventional role of distributors. Our extensive network ensures that we cater to diverse industries, from construction to security and agriculture, providing end users with the tailored safety footwear they need. This all-encompassing approach arises from our dedication to quality. By meticulously selecting and importing quality safety footwear, we ensure that our clientele always experiences the trifecta of protection, comfort, and style.